Dog Boarding Prices Near Me: A Guide For Pet Owners In 2023

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Traveling without your furry friend can be stressful, especially when you don’t have anyone to take care of them. This is where dog boarding services come in handy. However, finding the right one can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to pricing. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to find affordable dog boarding prices near you in 2023.

Factors That Affect Dog Boarding Prices

Before we dive into the prices, it’s essential to understand the factors that affect them. These include:

  • Location
  • Duration of stay
  • Type of accommodation
  • Additional services


The location of the dog boarding facility is one of the most significant factors that affect the prices. Facilities located in urban areas are generally more expensive than those in rural areas. This is because the cost of living is higher in cities, and thus, the operating costs of the facilities are also higher.

Duration of Stay

The duration of your pet’s stay at the facility is another factor that affects the prices. Most facilities charge per night, and the longer your pet stays, the more you’ll have to pay. However, some facilities offer discounts for extended stays, so be sure to ask about them.

Type of Accommodation

The type of accommodation you choose for your pet also affects the prices. Most facilities offer different types of rooms, such as standard, deluxe, and luxury. Standard rooms are usually the most affordable, while luxury rooms can be quite expensive.

Additional Services

Additional services such as grooming, training, and playtime can also affect the prices. These services are usually charged separately, so be sure to ask about them before booking your pet’s stay.

How to Find Affordable Dog Boarding Prices Near You

Now that you understand the factors that affect dog boarding prices, here are some tips on how to find affordable options near you:

Do Your Research

Start by researching the facilities in your area and comparing their prices. Look for reviews from other pet owners to ensure that the facilities are reputable and provide quality care.

Ask for Referrals

Ask friends, family, and your vet for referrals to affordable dog boarding facilities. They may know of some hidden gems that you wouldn’t have found on your own.

Check for Discounts

Some facilities offer discounts for first-time customers, extended stays, and multiple pets. Be sure to ask about these discounts when booking your pet’s stay.

Book Early

Booking early can also help you find affordable dog boarding prices. Facilities may offer discounts for early bookings, and you’ll have more options to choose from.


Finding affordable dog boarding prices near you can be challenging, but with research and planning, it’s possible. Remember to consider the factors that affect the prices, and don’t be afraid to ask for discounts. Your furry friend deserves the best care while you’re away, and finding affordable dog boarding can help make that possible.

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