Lake Humane Society: A Shelter For The Animals In Need

Dog Wash Fundraiser for Humane Society, Tyranena Brewing Company
Dog Wash Fundraiser for Humane Society, Tyranena Brewing Company from


Lake Humane Society is a non-profit organization that has been serving the Lake County community since 1937. The society is dedicated to the welfare and protection of animals, and it provides a variety of services, including adoption, fostering, and medical care. With its mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals, Lake Humane Society has become a home for many animals in need.

Adoption Process

If you are looking for a furry friend to add to your family, Lake Humane Society offers a seamless adoption process. The process includes an application, a meet-and-greet, and an adoption fee. The society also provides a medical record of the animal and a free wellness exam at a participating veterinarian clinic. By adopting from Lake Humane Society, you not only get a new family member, but you also support the society’s efforts to help more animals.

Fostering Program

Lake Humane Society also offers a fostering program for animals that require extra care before they can be adopted. The society provides food, supplies, and medical care for the animals, and the foster family provides a home and love. Fostering is a great way to help animals that may need extra care and attention, and it also helps the society to save more animals.

Medical Care

Lake Humane Society provides medical care for all animals in its shelter. This includes vaccinations, spay and neuter surgeries, and other medical treatments. The society also has a partnership with local veterinary clinics to provide discounted services for adopters. The goal is to provide the best medical care for the animals in need and to ensure that they are healthy and ready for their forever homes.

Volunteer Opportunities

Lake Humane Society relies on volunteers to help with daily operations, including animal care, cleaning, and socialization. The society offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups, and it provides training and support to ensure that volunteers have a positive experience. By volunteering at Lake Humane Society, you not only help the animals, but you also become part of a community that cares about animal welfare.

Community Outreach

Lake Humane Society is committed to education and community outreach. The society provides educational programs for schools and community groups to teach about animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. The society also participates in local events to raise awareness and funds for its programs. By reaching out to the community, Lake Humane Society aims to create a better world for animals and to inspire others to join the cause.

Events and Fundraisers

Lake Humane Society hosts a variety of events and fundraisers throughout the year to support its programs. These events include adoption events, charity walks, and galas. The society also has a thrift store that sells donated items to support its efforts. By attending or donating to these events, you can help the society to continue its mission and to save more animals.

Success Stories

Lake Humane Society has many success stories of animals that have been rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed. These stories include dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals that have found their forever homes thanks to the society’s efforts. By sharing these stories, Lake Humane Society celebrates its successes and inspires others to support its cause.


Lake Humane Society is a community treasure that provides a home for animals in need. With its adoption, fostering, medical care, volunteer opportunities, community outreach, events, and success stories, the society has become an integral part of Lake County. By supporting Lake Humane Society, you not only help animals, but you also become part of a movement to create a better world for all creatures.

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